Where Fashion
Meets Sustainability 
Green Friends

Join me as I interview my friends in the sustainable industry. I will interview from architects to engineers and everyone in between! 

Green Friends

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Clothes Hangers
Green Fashion

The fashion world is changing as fast as the sustainability world. Join me as I review my favorite "green" clothing (sustainable and the color). 


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Hanging Lamps
Green Tips

A collection of green tips for the average person! At home energy efficiency tricks, video blogs, and many other tips to save you energy and money! 

Green tips

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Taylor K White Headshot.PNG

"Our lives are ever changing and that includes our wardrobe. Bell bottoms are popular one minute and skinny jeans are on tread the next. As people we change tastes, habits and hobbies on a yearly basis. I am passionate about finding the balance between what is fashion forward and environmentally friendly. Trends come and go but our planet is here for the long haul."

-Taylor White

 The Girl in the Green Skirt