Greenbuild on a Budget

If you follow me on social media, you have probably seen me post over 100 times about Greenbuild. If you are not following me on social media, you should be! Greenbuild International Conference and Expo is a face to face experience for sustainability in the built environment. It’s for professionals in architecture, construction, engineering, planning, and interior design who depend on thoughtful and ethical solutions which promote wellness and resiliency in construction and urban development.

In 2018, Greenbuild was hosted in my hometown, Chicago, Illinois and I had the privilege of attending and working on the host committee to help the event run smoothly! Similar to many attendees, my conference fees and associated costs were not covered by employers or volunteer organizations. I wanted to go to Greenbuild so bad but I didn't want to bankrupt my savings account. One ticket to Greenbuild can be over $700! I knew I had to get creative if I wanted to attend green build on a budget.

After a few volunteer hours and strategic planning I was able to attend 3/5 days of Greenbuild for $50. 

  • $50 - One activity I really wanted to attend was the Women in Green Power Luncheon. Sadly, there was no loophole or volunteer opportunity so I paid for it! 

  • FREE - For free I attended

    • 3 Day Expo Hall​

    • Navy Pier and Chicago Shakespeare Theater green tour

    • Braindates about energy efficiency and LEED credentials

    • Education labs revolving around renewable energy and off the grid tiny homes


2019 The Girl in the Green Skirt

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